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The Mumma Feel Good Approach

Mother, Nutritionist, Cook

I am a lover of all things food. Cooking food, growing food, eating food & photographing food. Good food, that looks beautiful & is delicious. Fresh food, like a sweet carrot you've just pulled from the garden. Nourishing food, that warms you from within. I don't love diets or restrictive eating. I believe in using your intuition & eating the food that truly makes you feel good. 

I studied Nutrition & Food Science (Bsc) at Curtin University & have worked as both a Nutritionist & Food Scientist. I now focus on postpartum nutrition & care for mothers, as I have learnt so much through becoming a mother myself.

I want to help you FEEL GOOD, enjoy food, enjoy exercise & deeply nourish your body with all it needs. I want give you a meal plan or any strict instructions to follow. I will simple give you the knowledge to support your health through food & guide you to feeling your best. 

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